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Apple Tree Medical embodies the values of generalist, patient centric, continuous care.

This means you can expect the following at one of our Practices:

Generalist Care:Our Specialist GPs are true Generalists. They are open to all possible health and wellbeing complaints, queries, and questions from everyone from all walks of life and at any stage of life. Our GPs possess the knowledge necessary to adequately assess these complaints, problems or questions and to take action based on that assessment, give the patient advice or refer the patient to a relevant specialist or allied health provider, all while taking in to account the natural disease progression.

Patient Centric Care:Our priority for the care we provide is that it is patient focused. This means when offering advice or treatment options our team will take into account the individual patient's physical and mental characteristics along with their lifestyle and home and work environment. This approach ensures the best possible outcome in each individual patient's circumstances.

Continuous Care:We recognise that Quality General Practice care is continuous care. We want to be with you, not just during periods of illness but also through your general course of life. We will work together with other healthcare providers as a care co-ordinator to provide direction and cohesion in your health care.

If this sounds like the qualities you want from your family doctor then we'd love to see you at one of our clinics.

Apple Tree Medical