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Make Love Happen for Couples Offer

Helping you create deeply fulfilling intimacy with exquisite communication

The Make Love Happen course is a 12-week program supporting you to learn, practice and embody confident, authentic intimate communication, in order to deepen connection and fulfillment in your relationship.

●  Experience a truly embodied connection, get beyond the head, and become more deeply alive to your senses, energy, presence, intuition, emotions, spontaneity and playfulness.

●  Learn tools and exercises that you can use together at home to enhance your connection and make the most of the time you devote to your intimacy.

●  Create a safer and wider relationship container that embraces your vulnerability and full, free, transparent self-expression.

●  Find more self-awareness and spaciousness in areas of conflict and transition, learn to navigate change with grace, and use it to deepen your connection.

●  Embody and express your desires, and boundaries, more openly and boldly, enhancing your relationship with forward momentum and expansion.

●  Increase your awareness of the energetic dance in your relationship, to intentionally bring more balance, passion and aliveness to your communication and physical intimacy.

●  Be centred firmly in your personal power and celebrate each other’s individuality, putting an end to power struggles and releasing old patterns of pleasing, hiding, avoiding, blaming and defending. The course consists of:

●  12 weekly 90-minute personal coaching sessions, in person or online

●  Weekly video tutorials and PDF lessons

●  Self-empowerment tasks between sessions

●  Audio guided meditation downloads

●  Support via messages between sessions

Caitlin White Intimate Communication Coach