She Wholistic Health

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Cairns QLD

​Womb and energy healings by appointment.

Be guided into the heart of your womb in a womb healing with Jassie. Internal touch, palpation of trigger points, (stuck energy) is used to guide you on a journey of healing, releasing, transmuting, coming home and a freeing of self. Old patterns of action, programs, trauma and ancestral lines are cleared through guided techniques and physical touch to bring you into a state of alignment, balance, harmony, reclamation of original self and innate wisdom.

This is an offering of complete transformation. Jassie follows Tammi Lynn Kent’s Holistic Pelvic Care Treatments, Coupled with Sentaura Frequency. Sentaura Energy healings available. What is Sentaura frequency?

The Sentaura creator frequency is the intelligence of source and pure Christ consciousness, which holds the blueprint of, and transmits all other frequencies and source technologies. Assisting you to release, heal and clear all that is not in alignment with your highest good, and restoring you to your original crystalline blueprint and essence of love as a sovereign being of light.

She Wholistic Health