Business: Wise Wombman


Phone: 0413938880

Donna Raymond is a Visionary Leadership and Transpersonal Business Mentor, Author, Speaker, World-class Ceremonialist and Retreat Facilitator.  

Through her work, Donna empowers ambitious, purpose-led women, transformational coaches, facilitators and creative entrepreneurs to boldly own and unleash their creative genius and purpose work, unapologetically. 

As a transformational leader, she helps you to step into your highest potential, whilst confidently and creatively leveraging your soul-purpose work into business that is aligned with your values and visions, enabling you to make a positive impact in the world so that you can experience personal and professional growth, fulfillment, and success.

Donna is a multi-passionate visionary entrepreneur and is the creatrix behind the Wise Wombman Wisdom School and The Visionary Business Academy.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to be me… fully expressed and fulfill the prophecy of my being here in this time and place.

I’m here to make art and create epic things!

To live and lead from a place of embodied truth, wisdom and grace and do my best to grow into the best version of myself in service to the world. 

  I’m here to courageously walk my talk and use my voice and influence to inspire connection to the natural and mystical world, emulating kindness, creativity, majick, innovation, healing, beauty, sensuality, playfulness, wisdom, curiosity and wonder.

 I will continue to listen deeply to the quiet whispers of my heart, trust my intuitive wisdom, create potent transformational experiences and keep drawing upon all of my skills and knowledge to empower those that journey with me in remembering how to live a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.     

I’m on a mission to see how incredible life can be and how much freedom, majick, beauty and wonder can be created and left behind in my wake. 

I want my time here to be fulfilling on all levels.

I’m here to make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!
And well… I really just want to end up being this wild old mystical creature with a cheeky twinkle in her eyes, knowing in her bones that she did everything in her power to live life fully expressed whilst encouraging others to do the same. 

 My mission is to create and leave an epic legacy for generations to come.