Business: The Embodied Movement, Full Moon Sisterhood

Phone: 0423 075 598

Elysha is the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy. She shares her soft yet strong expression of self through the rich spaces she creates, weaving love and light in the most intentional way.

She is an effective light worker in the practice of energy healing, using both Access Consciousness, Reiki, Remedial massage and Yoga Therapy as modalities to support the healing of the heart, body, mind, spirit and soul.

She is now offering a wholesome space to experience a beautiful healing journey to liberate the mind, exercise the intuition, connect deeper through movement, move energy stored in the body and open up the heart.

She has held and facilitated multiple dances, meditations, ceremonies, workshops, circles, sacred gatherings and events over the last 4.5 years for both women, men and those that subscribe beyond the binary. As well as collaborating and co-creating workshops alongside potent humans she connects with.

She is a complete natural at creating and holding space with deep love and reverence, her level of care and warmth is decidedly palpable. She is of pure heart, a soul sister through and through, deeply and divinely connected, caring for the spectrum of emotions that weigh on the heart. Step into Elysha’s guided meditation, ceremony space, movement and dance offering to be held by the goddess energy and become enchanted.