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It might seem strange, given the work I do with people, but I don’t really believe that people can be broken.

Bones, yes. And perhaps we might FEEL as though we’re broken, but I believe we’re all the way we are for very valid reasons – with all our quirks and defence mechanisms and the sometimes dysfunctional ways that we cope with the world. The ways we’ve adapted to cope with the circumstances of our lives have worked – you’re here, reading these words (and I’m here, writing them).

The part of us that is wired for survival doesn’t care HOW we survive, just that we do, so sometimes how we’ve learned to survive doesn’t feel all that good. Perhaps we’re ready for a different experience of ourselves and of life.

Good news! It’s possible.

Whatever you’re searching for or want to create or change about yourself or your life we’ll get there gently and with kindness, down paths that might surprise us both – because healing, change and growth are rarely linear things.

If you’re looking for some support (and maybe you are, since you’re here) – perhaps you’d like to book in a free 30 minute Zoom call to get to know one another a bit, and see if I might be the right person to offer that support?