Business: Kathleen O'Keeffe


Phone: 0400 272 307

Kathleen has always had a deep interest in alternative therapies. Believing that we all have the capacity and ability to heal ourselves on a very deep cellular level. Kathleen aims to facilitate a space for you to connect in with yourself and to trust your intuition and your own healing capabilities. Reminding and guiding you to remember your worth and that self care is a necessity. 

Kathleen has worked with…..

  • Energy Healing for over 15 years which includes Reiki and Crystal Healing. 
  • The Emmett Technique is based on muscle release and working with the nervous system, a gentle and profound bodywork. 
  • As a Yoga instructor Kathleen likes to teach small groups and conduct personalised individual sessions. 

Health coaching is having a guide on the side for your health and well-being goals, working together through a well balanced program.