Business: Holistic Pulsing Australia


Phone: +61498808070

Welcome, my name is Michell Mercer and I am a Qualified Practitioner and Teacher of Holistic Pulsing, a body-mind therapy that works at all levels to bring some calm and balance into your life. I am an Accredited Trainer through the IICT. I have been on a personal journey of self-growth for over 30 years and have learnt many skills and gained tools that can help us all, as we navigate the sometimes murky waters of life. I am ready to share this knowledge to enable everyone to create the life that would like.
The world in which we find ourselves right now can be a little challenging. Finding meaning and living life consciously can get lost in the day-to-day grind of just surviving. My sole focus is on assisting you to embrace your life and death with conscious awareness and acceptance. My previous experience as a death doula has been being present with over a dozen close family and friends, giving me an insight into the process of death and dying from a personal perspective. I have also recently completed Death Doula training after realising that this work has been calling me for the last 12 years.
After losing my home and possessions in the floods in Lismore in 2022, I ended up in Cairns where I am now residing. I offer workshops and sessions in Holistic Pulsing and facilitate the “Life Options” Death Doula face-to-face workshop.
My greatest wish is to provide inspiration, motivation and information about the many ways we can learn to love and nurture ourselves.