Business: Smurf & Smurfette Endurance and Recovery


Smurf was born in the frigid waters of a late winter morning pool. It was the beginning of the triathlon season and the tinge of blue emanating from his frozen face following a cold paddle in the deep led to his namesake.

It was a few years later that Smurf met his Smurfette and decided to make sure she wouldn’t be snapped up by another, getting his sky blue cycling knicks dirty when on one knee at the top of a 5km climb. Now the Smurf & Smurfette family is complete with their two daughters Isabell and Olivia, and their “furbaby” Millie!

With a combined 6 Ironman triathlons, over 25 70.3 distance races, multiple ultra-marathon finishes and a long list of other triathlons and running races, Smurf & Smurfette bring plenty of experience to the Cairns running and triathlon community. Smurf is a full-time endurance sport coach and Smurfette a GP Obstetrician – both working to balance work, family, training, racing and life day to day.

Smurfette balances endurance sport with the stress and rewards of hospital life – and add in the kids, life is busy! Smurf is a run and triathlon coach, remedial massage therapist and endurance sport event manager. Both Smurf and Smurfette strive to find balance in their lives, whether it be training, racing, nutrition, work, social or family, but recognise the difficulty in this. In fact, everyday brings new challenges and new learning.
On our journey to endurance sport and career success, we will make many mistakes and learn an incredible amount about ourselves and life in general. So follow our journey. You may just learn from our mistakes too!