Business: Caitlin White Intimate Communication Coach


Phone: 0421 224057

Hi, I’m Caitlin

I’m an Intimate Communication Coach, and a lover, mother, adventurer, workshop facilitator, and theatre-maker.

I take people from feeling stuck, separate and unmet in their intimate lives to being able to create deep, sacred, and fulfilling connections.

My mission is to empower people with the tools and state of being to participate in transparent, vulnerable and liberated relationships in which they find their way back to natural wholeness.

To become clear vessels through which love can flow freely. I believe this is how we make love happen.

My coaching service is the culmination of my learning and experience over twelve years of researching and teaching embodied expression, authentic connection, conscious communication and transformational theatre.

And my own healing journey with intimacy.

In my early relating years, I sucked at intimate communication. I struggled with navigating conflict, securely attaching, and expressing my boundaries and desires.

I always wound up feeling separate and alone, unable to reach my loved ones across a gaping chasm, and incapable of freely expressing the complexity of my Self and all its parts.

I refused to settle for relationships that were less than authentic and fully alive and I became determined to master the art of exquisite intimate communication.

Through my determination and the gift of an epic soul-mate relationship, I came to my view that intimacy is not only wonderful for affection, company, pleasure, support, and comfort, but also powerful grounds for our evolution and healing.

I now love to bring my discoveries to my clients and support them to develop concrete communication tools and embrace their authentic expression.

My gift is to hold a safe, non-judgmental and potent space in which you not only learn to communicate clearly, fairly and responsibly through the complexities of relating, but also in which you cannot help but unfold your inhibitions, discover and integrate lost parts of yourself, and be enchanted by your own, and each other’s, free and full expression.


To begin with, I guide you into deeper awareness of your body, and give you a vocabulary that supports you to express yourself from there.

I teach you a set of tools and models for clear, transparent and graceful communication which you practise with me until you feel confident to take them into your relationships.

I offer you opportunities to engage with your own inner world and with me, through embodied expression, dialogue, play, and radically authentic connection.

You’ll join me on a journey into profound self-discovery, delight in the liberation of your full expression, and release blockages from your energy system and muscle memory.

You’ll experience the healing and transformation that naturally occur through authentic, embodied intimate communication, and feel confident and excited to bring your experience into your own relationship.

Your intimate communication will not only be a way to solve problems gracefully and come closer to one another, but also a joyful container of endless discovery of each other and the unique uncharted space between you.

If you would like to get to know me further or ask me any questions about my Make Love Happen course and coaching service, please get in touch.

I would love to support you on your way to mastering authentic, embodied intimate communication. With love,